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Smart Cities White Paper – Winter 2021

Framing the Smart City in the 21st Century

The strategies for designing and implementing a Smart City are evolving rapidly as new technologies, regulations, and business models emerge. Current thinking, as described below in this synopsis of a recent panel discussion at the Digital 360 Summit, conceptualizes a “Smart City in Motion” – a digitally integrated, intelligent IoT municipal ecosystem encompassing smart utilities, buildings, factories, and urban mobility overlaid by high-speed 5G/AI/Blockchain networks. Funded and orchestrated by public-private partnerships (PPPs), this data-driven, sensory rich and aware landscape will greatly expand engagement and transactions between governments, citizens, businesses and public services.

Our Digital 360 Summit Series White Paper, New Regulations, Financial Tools, and Business Models describes it best; “What we are engaged in is essentially a massive next generation construction project akin to any major infrastructure effort in the modern age. We are building new digital things: smart cities, buildings, factories, homes, utilities, banks, hospitals, universities and transportation. These new networks will be integrated into one dense, transparent, intelligent, interconnected living and self-healing infrastructure.”

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