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Andres J Carvallo

Director of Media & Events / EPMO Project Manager. Leader and Producer of Digital 360 Summit. Leader and Producer of Digital RoundTable. Project Manager of City of Brownsville Middle Mile Fiber Project.

+1 (888) 445-5486

CMG Frameworks

  • Enterprise Project Management Office
  • Business Optimization and Transformation
  • Smart City Roadmap and Governance
  • Computing
  • Telecom / Internet of Things
  • IT Operations
  • Cyber Security & Compliance


  • Media Production and Management
  • Event Production and Management
  • Studio recording and broadcasting
  • Construction Project Management
  • Enterprise Project Management Office Planning and Operations

AJ holds a BS / BA in Music Production and Sound Engineering from Full Sail University. He graduated from Westlake High school in 2015.

AJ has unique talents and expertise in Media production, event productions, and construction management. AJ is an avid learner and technical innovator. AJ has built cooling towers for the oil and gas industry, as well as, fiber infrastructure for the city of Brownsville. AJ has written and published over 50 songs himself, and has recorded, mixed and mastered more than 15 studio albums for independent artist. AJ produces and directs movies and videos.

Prior to CMG, AJ was a Cooling Tower Specialist with Valero in Amarillo TX. Before Valero, AJ did freelance studio recording, video recording and editing, photography, and graphic design.