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Luis Eduardo Alfonzo

Principal and Senior Consultant, Leader of Florida & Latin America Markets

+1 (888) 445-5486

CMG Frameworks

  • Strategy and Scenario Planning
  • Business Optimization and Transformation
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Go-To-Market Planning


  • Strategic Planning
  • Enterprise Project Management Office Planning and Operations
  • Finance
  • Business Transformation
  • Leadership and sales training
  • Banking and private equity
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Tax systems and R&D credits
  • Green energy planning and optimization
  • Chemical engineering
  • Human Resources management

Luis Eduardo has a BS in Chemical Engineering (1982) & a Master in Business Administration (1990) from University of Carabobo (UC) Valencia, Venezuela. He is a Former Calculus Professor at University of Carabobo and co-author of “Basic Calculus for Math Analysis 1″.

Prior to CMG and his consulting experience, Luis Eduardo held multinational management roles with WR Grace, CSM Environmental Systems, Carboquimica & Sanford Group, a Colombian multinational firm.Founder of BienStar Pharmacies with 13 branches & Distribution Center. Founder of Saluthia, an ophthalmology business in Venezuela provided services to over 50 companies & 10,000+ employees. Founded Saluthia, a Florida multinational Vitamin Supplemental company & currently exports to South America.