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Change Management Planning

CMG has developed its own proprietary Change Management Planning (CMP) Framework. The CMP Framework is an advanced framework of step-by-step processes and best practices to communicate what is changing and why, assess and mitigate potential change resistance, align the organizational structures to the new way of working, identify the proper appropriate training to ensure ecosystem participants have the skills necessary to adopt the new way of doing business, and providing a meaningful set of key performance indicators (KPI’s) to capture feedback and track alignment.

CMG team members created and perfected this CMP framework while working at Tenneco, HPE, Philips Electronics, Motorola, City of Austin, Texas State University, Siemens, Microsoft, and Dell.

Transformational digital projects are major initiatives with profound impacts on an organization and its ecosystem. They should be aligned to an organization’s vision and strategy, but also to a culture of growth mindset where learning from each other in the flow of work is just as important as formal training. Taking on a transformative initiative without a clear company vision and strategy will likely result in failure. CMG can help you with the foundational steps of creating your company strategy through the application of the appropriate CMG Strategy & Scenario Planning framework for your organization.

Furthermore, transformational projects change the way work gets done, including what gets done, who does what, and the interactions between different members of the ecosystem. The CMP Framework assumes these changes are identified and documented as part of the initiative. Within the framework, we also promote the creation of informal channels of communication through social collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack or other tools, to complement the formal interactions with informal learning channels that promote information sharing, identification of experts, and a culture where seeking assistance from others becomes a natural way to learning in the new flow of work.

The CMG CMP Framework begins by clearly defining how your digital initiative aligns to supporting your strategy. This includes capturing and clearly stating the expected business outcomes in a manner that is specific and measurable.

Change Management Planning (CMP) Framework – The CMP Framework delivers the answers to generating value in a world where technology evolves at a faster pace than ever before by empowering and enabling a change in behavior by key stakeholders to create learning organizations. The CMG change management planning framework outlines the best practices and steps required to facilitate these changes and ensure long term success.

For More Information About This Framework, Its Workshop Choices (1-day or 2-day), and the CMG member experts that drive it, please email us at info@512cmg.com or call 888-445-5486.

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