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Distribution Management System Lifecycle Management

DMS (or ADMS) is a relatively new product that has recently emerged in the marketplace over the last few years. For utilities which have implemented EMS systems, once can consider that the DMS (or ADMS) is at a state where the EMS was about 20 years ago. Given the maturity of the vendor experience and the product, it is prudent to plan the project carefully and anticipate issues that may impact progress.

DMS (or ADMS) represents a complex, software-based system which interfaces with and ties together operational systems such as the Energy Management Systems (EMS), Customer Information Systems (CIS), and real-time systems such as SCADA.

A DMS (or ADMS) is in a unique position to support and enable the Smart Grid by becoming the single repository of all real-time and near-real-time data and power system connectivity model (asset characteristics, connectivity, and renderings). The DMS (or ADMS) in conjunction with the EMS and the OMS becomes the basic T&D foundation source of information to support the Smart Grid.

Distribution Management System Lifecycle Management (DMSLM) Framework — The DMSLM Framework covers the assessment, benchmarking, design, architecture, and optimization steps for all stages of lifecycle management including pre-implementation, during implementation, and post implementation. The DMSLMF provides key focus to functionality, data model, data quality, architecture, integration, phasing, testing, project management, and change management.

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