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Smart Cities

The smart cities market is projected to grow from USD 511.6 billion in 2022 to USD 1024.4 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 14.9% during the forecast period. Due to increasing urbanization, governments are resorting to technological and digital solutions to improve public safety, environmental monitoring, water treatment, transportation, and energy generation and consumption, driving the smart cities market.

Rapid urbanization of cities is posing infrastructural challenges to governments and municipalities, globally. As more and more people transcends into urban settings, we would require more cities to live in. Current trends show that in the next 20 years, urban population will cross 5 billion marks. As cities grow and expand their services, management and governance become increasingly complex. Thus transformation of the cities is needed to address the social, economic, engineering, and environment challenges.

At CMG, we believe that The Smarter City is a new 21st century megatrend that reveals why and how the total digitalization of cities will deliver better living, working, and learning realities with virtually unlimited possibilities. Imagine a reality in which Smart Energy, Smart Water, Smart Transportation, Smart Buildings, and Smart Homes are easily created and affordably maintained to enhance all City services year after year.

The Smarter City is a non-stop, on-demand, re-design journey of the policies, business models, business processes, technologies, organizational structures, and applied human capital to seamlessly blend existing and new stand-alone silo trends such as, Mass Customization, Open Sourcing, Crowdsourcing, eCommerce, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobility, mCommerce, Social Media, Lean Manufacturing, Vehicle Electrification, Distributed Generation, Energy Storage, 3D Printing, Drones, and Internet of Things into a more socially responsible, more profitable, faster growing, plentiful, and more citizen driven Government reality.

The Smarter City delivers success by committing to pervasive performance management, which helps streamline management processes by creating a smart, agile and aligned organizations. The Smarter City enables the close monitoring of performance of services delivered, flexible and integrated planning for sustainability, and re-establishes or enhances trust with citizens and stakeholders. At the same time, The Smarter City drives insight in divestments and investments, and offers techniques that help in rethinking strategies and managing innovation as a competitive advantage.

Key City services by CMG include assessment, planning, architecting and design of the following: Corporate Strategy, Branding & Marketing Strategy, White Papers, Reports, Assessments, Gap Analysis, Benchmarking, Designs, Architectures, Roadmaps, Use Cases, Business Models, Business Cases, Marketing Programs, Market Development, Channel Development, Go-to-Market Plans, IT/OT Management, IT Strategy, OT Strategy, Product Innovation, Project Management, Funding Strategy, and M&A Strategy.


We are experts in:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • IoT
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • EPMO
  • Software markets and technologies

CMG has great City expertise in the following technologies and market segments: Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart Grid and Microgrids, Smart Water and Smart Pipes, Smart Gas and Smart Pipes, Smart Metering and Smart Devices, Smart Buildings and Smart Homes, Energy Storage, Distributed Generation (Gas CHP, Solar, Wind and Fuel Cells), Smart Transportation, Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure, Energy Management Systems, Network Management Systems, Enterprise Software and Embedded Software, and Telecom Networks. The results of our involvement are proven to Increase Value, Reduce Risk, Accelerate Adoption and Delight Customers.

Best Selling CMG City Services

The CMG team has worked with several cities including:

  • What is a Smart City?

    A smart city is a concept that refers to the use of technology and data to improve the quality of life for its residents, enhance sustainability, and optimize the efficiency of urban services. It involves integrating various information and communication technologies (ICT) into different aspects of a city's infrastructure and operations to make them more intelligent, connected, and responsive.

  • How does The Smarter City maintain a long-term leadership position, as well as manage today’s operations?

    By understanding its core businesses, taking action to protect and nurture them, retaining the best talent during tough times and constantly managing innovation. These are not only strategies for survival, but also almost always the very foundation of consistent, sustainable, and continued growth. Cities will need to look outside themselves and their traditional partners to find new business models, skill sets and capabilities in order to develop The Smarter City.

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