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Our workshops are structured and interactive learning session that focus on practical skills, knowledge acquisition, and problem-solving. The workshops designed by CMG Consulting are based on smart cities, smart utilities and smart buildings associated with the development and implementation of intelligent and sustainable urban environments.

During the workshop, participants engage in discussions, hands-on activities, case studies, and collaborative exercises that promote knowledge sharing, problem-solving, and the exchange of best practices. The ultimate goal is to empower participants with the skills, insights, and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of building and managing smart cities effectively.

Cities and utilities services have a number of challenges that drive their need to be smarter and more efficient. A typical set of these drivers include:

Planning a new city, utility, or enterprise involves making crucial decisions that will have a long-term impact on its development. To achieve sustainability and technological advancement, these infrastructures must invest in developing an integrated strategy and implementing innovative solutions. This transformation necessitates addressing the following services and capital requirements:

  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Water
  • Smart Network
  • Smart Technology
  • Computing and Data
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Mobility
  • Education
  • Health and Public Safety
  • Smart Industry and Commerce
  • Economic Development
  • Smart Finance and Payments
  • Governance and Voting
  • Involving Citizens, Employees, and Leaders

Our workshop is dedicated to assisting participants in developing a comprehensive understanding and critical thinking skills regarding the integration of utilities, technology, market and management. We aim to guide clients in designing, contracting, developing, and implementing a world-class for smart cities, Smart utilities and Smart buildings complete with detailed budgets, resource allocation, change management strategies, and timelines. Our goal is to ensure equitable and sustainable decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization for both residents and visitor

Benefits to get a workshop with us

  • - Knowledge and skill development
  • - Networking collaboration
  • - Practical Application
  • - Up-to-date Information

Plus: Get one private 2 hours session with an instructor after the workshop

Know our workshops availables:

Smart city management:

  • - Smart City Roadmap (SCR) Workshop
  • - Smart City Governance (SCG) Workshop
  • - Business Optimization and Transformation (BOT) Workshop
  • - Change Management Planning (CMP) Workshop

Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) Workshop

  • - Smart technologies
  • - Smart Buildings (SB) Workshop
  • - Smart Factory (SF) Framework
  • - Smart mobility (SM) Workshop
  • - Telecom and Internet of Things (TIoT) Workshop
  • - Cloud Computing (CC) Workshop
  • - Cybersecurity Workshop

Smart energy

  • - Renewal generation Workshop
  • - Batteries and energy storage Workshop
  • - Distributed Energy and Microgrid Planning (DEMP) Workshop
  • - Virtual Power Plant Planning (V3P) Workshop
  • - Distribution Management System Lifecycle Management
  • - (DMSLM) Workshop
  • - Smart Grid Roadmap (SGR) Workshop

Go-To-Market Planning

  • - Market Analysis
  • - Quantitative Analysis
  • - Business Strategy
  • - Product Planning
  • - Sales and Marketing Programs
  • - Sales Readiness
  • - Delivery & Support

Cities, utilities and enterprises wanting to create and deliver new digital services and solutions require new analytical thinking and processes.

Innovation, Connectivity, and Prosperity: Empowering Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, and Smart Buildings through the Advancement Workshop