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Smart Factory

CMG has developed its own proprietary Smart Factories Framework. The Smart Factory Framework is an advanced framework of processes and best practices to help assess, plan, design, and deliver effective and efficient governance, process, and technology transformation that create implementable Smart Factory roadmaps and architectures. CMG team members created and perfected the Smart Factory framework while working at Tenneco, HP, Philips Electronics, Motorola, and Dell.

These projects involve use cases, applied technology, and business case development. CMG has deep expertise in gathering requirements, defining use cases, recommending the best suitable technologies, creating the business case, and building the business plan. Once the project has been financially validated and approved, we help enable and bring together the consideration, evaluation, assessment, and integration steps into a roadmap of many or all solution areas: MES/MOM integration platforms, EDI & Web partner connectivity, Networks, (Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, BACnet, LonWorks, etc.), Analytics (Central, & Edge), Data management strategies, and Cloud and Internal solutions.

Smart Factory (SF) Framework – The Smart Factory Framework puts into practice our manufacturing and Industry 4.0 expertise for enterprises and helps define the use cases, benefits, technologies, standards and vendor offerings to digitize factories across many industries successfully.

For More Information About This Framework, Its Workshop Choices (1-day or 2-day), and the CMG member experts that drive it, please email us at info@512cmg.com or call 888-445-5486.

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