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CMG is a proud partner of

Angelou Economics

Angelou Economics, headquartered in Austin, TX and founded by Angelos Angelou, specializes in economic development and site location consulting and services. Whether you’re a public or a private sector client, Angelou Economics brings a wealth of experience and fresh thinking to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Angelou Economics is focus on delivering continuous innovation, candid advisement, and unbounded creativity to deliver measureable and intangible value for its clients.

CMG is a proud partner of

Grid Policy

GridPolicy, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, CA and founded by Jon Wellinghoff, is a firm focus on enabling the intersection of Policy and Distributed Energy Resources Technology. GridPolicy leverages Jon Wellinghoff long history as a policy expert as former FERC Chairman, as former Chief Policy Officer at SolarCity, and as former New Mexico’s Public Utility Commissioner.