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CMG Enables The Smarter Utility


At CMG, we believe that The Smarter Utility is a new 21st century megatrend that reveals why and how the total digitalization of utilities will deliver a complete new Smart World with virtually unlimited possibilities.

The Smarter Utility is a non-stop, on-demand, re-design journey of the business models, business processes, technologies, organizational structures, and applied human capital to seamlessly blend existing and new stand-alone silo trends such as, Mass Customization, Open Sourcing, Crowdsourcing, eCommerce, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobility, mCommerce, Social Media, Lean Manufacturing, Vehicle Electrification, Distributed Generation, Energy Storage, 3D Printing, Drones, and Internet of Things into a more profitable, faster growing, plentiful, and more customer driven utility reality.

The Smarter Utility delivers successes by committing to pervasive performance management, which helps streamline management processes by creating a smart, agile and aligned utility. The Smarter Utility enables the close monitoring of performance, flexible integrated planning, and re-establishes or enhances trust with stakeholders. At the same time, The Smarter Utility drives insight in divestments and investments, and offers techniques that help in rethinking strategies and managing innovation as a competitive advantage.

Our Services

  • Advisory Services (Corporate strategy, IT Strategy, OT Strategy, business model, business cases, Funding Strategy, and M&A Strategy)
  • Design, architecture, roadmaps and Planning
  • Technology Integration and Product Innovation
  • Software Development
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Testing and Deployment (Market development, Channel Development, Go-to-Market Plans, IT/OT Management, Product Innovation, Project Management)
  • Training and Support

Smart Utilities Maturity Index

CMG Introduced its Smart Utility Maturity Index for Electric, Water and Gas Utilities to help customers map out their digital transformation journey. This maturity index ranking helps utilities understand their current level of of evolution and sophistication on a scale of 1 to 10. The Maturity index covers all smart technologies (e.g. smart grid, smart pipes, sensors, AMI, smart metes, etc), their deployment and transformation impact on the businesses.

CMG has great Utility expertise in the following technologies and market segments:

  • - Smart Cities

  • - Smart Energy

  • - Smart Grid and Microgrids

  • - Smart Water and Smart Pipes

  • - Smart Gas and Smart Pipes

  • - Smart Metering and Smart Devices

  • - Smart Buildings and Smart Homes

  • - Energy Storage

  • - Distributed Generation (Gas CHP, Solar, Wind and Fuel Cells)

  • - Smart Transportation

  • - Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure

  • - Energy Management Systems

  • - Network Management Systems

  • - Enterprise Software and Embedded Software

  • - Telecom Networks

  • - Internet of Things.

The CMG Team has deep historical expertise or recently worked with some of the following utilities

The results of our involvement are proven to Increase Value, Reduce Risk, Accelerate Adoption and Delight Customers.


  • What is a Smart Utility?

    Smart utility, also known as smart grid or intelligent utility, is the integration of an electric grid, a communications network, software, and hardware to monitor, control, and manage the creation, distribution, and consumption of energy, water and gas.

    The smart grid of the future will be distributed, it will be interactive, it will be self-healing, and it will communicate with every device.”

    “An Advanced Smart Grid enables the seamless integration of utility infrastructure with buildings, homes, electric vehicles, distributed generation, energy storage, and smart devices to increase grid reliability, energy efficiency, renewable energy use, and customer satisfaction, while reducing capital and operating costs.”

    Andres Carvallo – March 5, 2004

    We have done multiple smart grid projects that take advantage of the latest on this topic. And we continue to work on and advance multiple aspects of these solutions today and look forward to sharing more soon.

  • How does The Smarter Utility maintain a long-term leadership position, as well as manage today’s operations?

    By understanding its core businesses, taking action to protect and nurture them, retaining the best talent during tough times and constantly managing innovation. These are not only strategies for survival, but also almost always the very foundation of consistent, sustainable, and continued growth. Utilities will need to look outside themselves and their traditional partners to find new business models, skill sets and capabilities in order to develop The Smarter Utility.

  • What are the key components of a Smart Utility?

    • - Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that enable two-way communication between the utility company and consumers.

    • - Distribution Automation to monitor and control the distribution of electricity, water and gas.

    • - Renewable Energy Integration such as solar and wind, into the grid.

    • - Demand Response, These programs incentivize consumers to adjust their energy usage during peak demand periods

    • - Energy Storage to store excess energy during periods of low demand and release it during peak demand.

    • - Data Analytics and Management enables utilities to optimize grid operations, predict and prevent equipment failures, and make informed decisions

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