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Tom Rose

Principal & Senior Consultant, Leader of Regulatory Design Framework & Regulatory Services

+1 (888) 445-5486

CMG Frameworks

  • Regulatory Design
  • Strategy and Scenario Planning
  • Go-To-Market Planning
  • Business Optimization and Transformation
  • Smart Grid Roadmap
  • Distributed Energy and Microgrid Planning
  • Virtual Power Plan Planning


  • General Management
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Energy & Utility Operations
  • Policy Development and Campaign Management
  • Regulatory Design Services

Tom Rose is a Senior Consultant at CMG with 40 years of experience focused on energy strategy, public policy innovation and management, risk assessment and mitigation, utility management, and innovation in power generation. Tom is a proven leader in bringing together diverse internal and external groups to develop and implement workable solutions to complex problems, and is a proven expert in governmental policy and strategy.

Prior to CMG, Tom has served as President of Geometric Strategies, LLC, as well as Chief Executive Officer for Clean Energy Technology Association, Inc. Prior to that time he served 33 years in numerous staff, management and executive roles for TXU Corporation. Some of those jobs include: Director of Governmental Policy at TXU Corporation, Vice President of Public Policy at TXU Corporation, Manager of Advocacy & Compliance at TXU Business Services, Regulatory Engineering Manager at TU Services Inc., Regulatory Manager of Nuclear Prudence Case at TU Electric Inc., Regulatory Project Manager at TU Services Inc., Senior Engineer at TU Services Inc., and Generating Plant Engineer at Texas Electric Service Company.

While at TXU Corp., he earned the opportunity to serve in various leadership positions in public and governmental policy, regulatory affairs, power plant development, startup and operations, power plant and transmission line licensing, gas pipeline safety, fuel planning, nuclear plant licensing, nuclear prudence rate cases, state and federal court litigation, integrated resource planning, design and implementation of competition in the electric industry, energy policy, and mergers and acquisitions. Most of these extremely challenging and complex projects were essential to the survival and prosperity of TXU Corporation during his career.

Some of the highlights of his career include:

Directing the strategic implementation of integrated public policies & campaigns across the corporation, including the three operating companies, Oncor Electric Delivery, Luminant and TXU Energy. Lead inter-disciplinary, cross functional teams of subject matter and governmental affairs experts to analyze and develop state and federal legislation on energy & tax issues impacting TXU Corp. and the electric power industry.

Directing the development and implementation of TXU’s governmental affairs policies and campaigns to 1) design and maintain a competitive market structure in ERCOT, 2) establish a new business tax to lower local property taxes in Texas, and 3) expand generating capacity with new coal, wind and nuclear generation in Texas. Tom worked directly with TXU and new ownership leaders to manage government strategies and issues during the private equity purchase of TXU in 2007. He also worked on the team that restructured TXU Corporation in 2004, including the sale of several businesses, to re-establish the financial integrity of the company, following a major business loss in England. Tom also led the creation and development of the Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies in Austin, Texas, as a collaborative effort to accelerate implementation of new technologies needed to build out a “smart grid” in Texas, including the passage of an advanced metering law.

During his tenure, Tom was engaged with several outside organizations, including the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Texas Taxpayers and Research Association, Texas Association of Businesses, the North Texas Commission, the Southern States Energy Board, the American Council for Capital Formation, and the Harvard Electricity Policy Group. He has also worked closely with the Association of Electric Companies of Texas and the Edison Electric Institute in Washington, D.C. to develop good public policy solutions to complex energy and environmental issues.

Tom started in the oil/gas industry, working summers as an oil/gas well work-over rig roughneck in east Texas to pay his way through college. Tom graduated in 1976 with a B.S. in Mechanical/Nuclear Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Tom has lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 1980, and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Tom is married and has two adult children, along with three grandchildren.