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Enterprise Project Management Office

The CMG team has managed 5,000+ projects in the last 30 years.

We believe that an enterprise project management office (EPMO) operates at a strategic level in collaboration with the executive team. This ensures that no single business interest is necessarily subserviant to all others except by executive direction. EPMO promotes efficient Governance, Risk and Compliance and it works well with Business Process Management Discipline (BPM-D) that saved the top two Shipping and Logistics companies Billions of Dollars.

Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) Framework – The EPMO Framework delivers on the best practices and methods to handle from large-multiyear portfolio of projects to a simple set of transformational projects. The EPMO Framework takes on PMI, Lean, and many other world class resources.

For More Information About This Framework, Its Workshop Choices (1-day or 2-day), and the CMG member experts that drive it, please email us at info@512cmg.com or call 888-445-5486.

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