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Advisory & Consulting

Get a CMG advisor as a virtual team member to assist with planning, troubleshooting, and problem-solving for your business.

Lighting As a Service

CMG Consulting offers advanced Smart Lighting as a Service for sustainable and connected cities worldwide.

Renewable Energy

We provide guidance in business planning and renewable energy system development, helping businesses adopt sustainable practices.

Telecomunication and Construction Services

Telecom and construction is a comprehensive service to bridge the digital divide and improve connectivity in low-income communities, cities, neighborhoods, and other underserved areas.

Technology Integration

CMG's technology-focused team accelerates digitalization and transformation, offering expertise in sensors, platforms, equipment, and networks.

Software Development

Our software development service empowers businesses with BI, data analysis, automation, and digital transformation for competitive advantage.


CMG Consulting offers interactive workshops on smart cities, utilities, and buildings to empower participants with practical skills and knowledge.

Marketing Services

Transform your marketing with our comprehensive services, including strategy, planning, analysis, execution, media management, and PR strategies.


CMG Consulting offers thought leadership services through public keynotes and speeches on various topics including leadership, technology, and smart solutions.


Carvallo's published 45 books in power engineering, telecom/IoT, and building technologies, collaborating with global experts to fulfill their mission

White Papers

CMG conducts industry research, partnering with institutions like Texas State University, and delivers targeted white papers for clients.