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Regulatory Design

Developing a pathway from today’s out-dated market rules to new rules that efficiently deploy new digital technologies is essential to meet end-use customer needs and desires for clean, affordable, and reliable electricity to their homes and businesses. And, many consumers expect to be able to manage their energy use with their smart phones in real-time, not pay a bill that they don’t understand 30 days after they have used it. Regulated market rules vary significantly across the United States, resulting in a complex “patchwork” of regulations. Thus, regulatory reforms needed to encourage the introduction of new, digitized technologies is NOT a “one-size-fits-all” endeavor.

Understanding the current structure of regulated markets for any particular utility and region is essential to creating the pathway to reforming regulated markets that will improve our customers’ quality of life.

At the end of the day, new technology providers and utilities will need to work closely with customers, other market participants, and governmental officials to ensure there are sustainable regulatory policies and rules in place to meet consumer desire for a cleaner environment, more reliable service and more affordable energy service to their homes and businesses.

Regulatory Design (RD) Framework — The RD Framework delivers a proven process with use cases, business models, business cases, and regulatory filings needed to enable the regulatory transformation that leverages technology and allows for the modernization of energy distribution & data systems to benefit businesses & consumers.

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