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Digital 360 Summit is the premier event for executives driving industry digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization.

Digital 360 Summit 2023 has been announced to be September 26 – 29, 2023. The location will be in downtown Austin TX.

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CMG Introduces Virtual CFO Services

The chief financial officer (CFO) is an officer of a company who has the primary responsibility for managing the company’s finances in collaboration with the CEO and board of directors, including financial planning, financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting. For more information contact Luis Eduardo Alfonzo or Antonio Puente


May 29, 2023 -Carlos Nouel, VP of Transformation Programs at National Grid, will be our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on May 31 at 2PM CDT. National Grid plc is a British multinational electricity and gas utility company headquartered in London, England. National Grid US offers electric and gas services in New York and Massachusetts. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

May 15, 2023 – Chase B. Eiserman, Lt Col, USAF, and Chief, Industry Development at AFWERX, will be our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on Wednesday May 17 at 2PM CDT. AFWERX is a United States Air Force program with the goal of fostering a culture of innovation within the service. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

May 8, 2023 – Bill Pugh, Managing Partner at Smart Connections Consulting, will be our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on May 10 at 2pm CDT. Smart Connections Consulting is a strategy and technology consulting form with its roots firmly planted in delivering solutions. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

May 1, 2023 – Bryan Thomas,Vice President of Clean Energy and Infrastructure Advisory at JLL, as our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on May 3rd at 2pm CDT. Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (JLL) is an American global commercial real estate services company, founded in the United Kingdom with offices in 80 countries. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

April 24, 2023 – Amir Sternhell, Chief Strategy Officer at Sertainty, as our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on April 26 at 2pm CDT. Sertainty is a cybersecurity company with a leading data management solution. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

April 10, 2023 – Andrew Mitchell, Director of Utility Solutions at Tantalus Systems, as our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on April 12 at 2pm CDT. Tantalus Systems is a leading AMI company offering communications, edge computing, and analytics solutions to electric, water, and gas utilities. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

April 3, 2023 – Michael Pesin, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Grid Systems and Components in the Office of Electricity at the US Department of Energy, will be our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on April 5, 2023 at 2PM CDT. The United States Department of Energy is an executive department of the U.S. federal government that oversees U.S. national energy policy and manages the research and development of nuclear power and nuclear weapons in the United States. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

March 27, 2023 – Al Berkeley, Chairman of Princeton Capital Management and Former President of NASDAQ, will be our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on March 29 at 2PM CDT. Princeton Capital Management conducts in-depth research on capital markets and individual securities to build a portfolio that meets each client’s specific goals. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

March 20, 2023 – Rob Butts, Director of Sales at L3Harris, will be our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on March 22, 2023 at 2pm CDT. L3Harris is a communications giant that anticipates and mitigates risk with need-to-end solutions that meet the mission-critical needs of defense and commercial markets around the world. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

March 13, 2023 – John Reynolds, President of Agile Fractal Grid, will be our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on March 15 at 2PM CDT. Agile Fractal Grid has created a platform to help rural and campus communities achieve energy security and meet renewable energy goals while also providing gigabit broadband access. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

March 6, 2023 – Gregg Dixon, CEO and Founder of Voltus, will be our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on March 8 at 2pm CDT. Voltus connects distributed energy resources to electricity markets, ushering in the clean energy transition by delivering less expensive, more reliable, and more sustainable electricity, and more cash to our customers and partners. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

March 3, 2023 – Andres Carvallo to speak at PPP Conference and Expo in Dallas on Maximizing Funding and Monetizing Assets to Advance Sustainability Goals. Carvallo will share several PPP experiences including that buildout of a Solar PV Farm on 160 acres for TXST. For more information P3C click here.

February 20, 2023 – Omeed Badkoobeh, CEO and co-founder of Yotta Energy, will be our Digital RoundTable guest speaker on Feb 22, at 2pm CDT. Yotta is a renewable energy company headquartered in Austin, Texas. We have a complete range of distributed energy technologies to convert buildings into their own solar power plants. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

February 6, 2023 – Panos Moutafis, CEO and Co-Founder of Zenus, will be our guest speaker on February 8 at 2pm CDT. Zenus develops AI-powered solutions for events, retail, and more. Our Smart Cameras measure sentiment, demographics, and impressions. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

February 1, 2023 – Tantalus Systems Inc acquires advisor services from CMG Consulting LLC to cover strategic planning and go-to-marketing planning needs and opportunities.Tantalus is a smart grid technology company that transforms aging one-way grids into future-proofed multi-directional grids that improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of public power and electric cooperative utilities and the communities they serve. For information on Tantalus click here.

January 25, 2023 – Akash Kanojia, CFA, joins CMG. We are excited about his addition to our team. Akash brings over 15 years of experience in high-pressure situations across the financial, investment management and government sectors. Throughout his career, Akash has led teams through complex and uncertain situations, filtering the noise and identifying concrete actions that resulted in tangible improvements for the organization’s bottom line. We are looking forward to working with him. Click Here for his bio.

January 23, 2023 – Erik Andersen, Director of Broadband Business Development at LCRA, as our guest speaker on January 25, 2023 at 2PM CDT. LCRA exists to serve the people of Texas. It’s been that way since the state Legislature created us in 1934. We continue that legacy today by providing a multitude of vital services to our customers and communities. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

January 16, 2023 – Jan Rippingale, CEO and Founder of Blu Banyan, will be our guest speaker on January 18, 2023 at 2pm CDT. Blu Banyan can rapidly transform your cloud based solutions by addressing operational inefficiencies with smarter project management tools. Register For Digital Roundtable Click Here.

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What is the Smart Grid?

“The Smart Grid is the integration of an electric grid, a communications network, software and hardware to monitor, control, and manage the creation, distribution, and consumption of energy. The smart grid of the future will be distributed, it will be interactive, it will be self-healing, and it will communicate with every device.”

“An Advanced Smart Grid enables the seamless integration of utility infrastructure with buildings, homes, electric vehicles, distributed generation, energy storage, and smart devices to increase grid reliability, energy efficiency, renewable energy use, and customer satisfaction, while reducing capital and operating costs.”

Andres Carvallo – March 5, 2004

Smart Grid PodCast 

Host Walter Isaacson and guests discuss the electric grid’s early roots with Thomas Edison and trace the path it’s taken as it went bigger and bigger…and eventually smaller and smaller, getting smarter every step along the way.

Click Here to Listen to “The electrical grid: keeping the lights on”

What is Digitization? Digitization is the process of creating a digital representation (into 1s and 0s) of an analog thing and/or physical object that can be manipulated in a computing environment. The result is the representation of an object, image, sound, document, or signal by generating a series of numbers that describe a discrete set of points.

What is Digitalization? Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business and economy.

What is Decentralization? Decentralization is the natural evolution of scientific and technological democratization that moves traditional large systems that historically serviced many affordably from a world of scarcity into mass customized sophisticated distributed solutions at super low prices that create a world of abundance for all.

What is Decarbonization? Decarbonization is the elimination of CO2 from our man-made energy ecosystem to ensure temperatures that have no negative impact on climate patterns.

CMG Builds Successful Digital Business Playbooks:

1) High-Quality, High-Velocity Decision-Making

  • Recognize That There Are Two Types of Decisions – Type 1 – Consequential and Irreversible or nearly reversible and – Type 2 – Changeable and Reversible
  • Don’t Make All The Decisions By Yourself
  • Don’t Wait for All The Information
  • Don’t Require Approvals That Are Lengthy And Must Go through Large Numbers of Hierarchical Layers
  • Don’t Wait For Everyone To Agree

2) Controlling for Quality

  • Find The Best Truth
  • Study Your Competition
  • Imagine The Possible Change
  • Combat Conformity and Complacency
  • Test Through The Experiment
  • Learn To Fail Fast

3) Scaling High-Velocity Decision-Making

  • Understand Your Customers and Their Segmentation
  • Define and Crystalize Consistent Principles
  • Define The Methodology Of Your Standard Operating Procedures (SPOs)
  • Reinforce and Reward The Use Of Your SPOs in Every Decision

Here is one of my gifts to the world

It will solve poverty and allow for nice retirements for each person. Collect the data of each person and allow each to get compensated at the rate of $25 for each 2 gigabytes of data. A normal person would generate around 10 terabytes of data annually or $125,000 as a base salary. If the individual creates and licenses more data than the annual number above, then they make more money. All we need is a personal data marketplace registry for people to tag their data before it goes into the social platforms, etc. #cmg #freedomtosucceed #equalrights

Andres Carvallo – June 3, 2020

TASG 2nd E Cover

The Advanced Smart Grid : Edge Power Driving Sustainability — 2nd Edition

“Carvallo and Cooper have written a thought provoking and insightful book on smart grid and in particular its potential from leveraging the technology rich world that we live in.” – Larry Weis, Former CEO at Seattle City Light and Austin Energy

“Carvallo and Cooper do a masterful job conveying to utility industry practitioners, regulators, and consumers alike a great episode of our country’s energy evolution that should not be missed.” – Jon Wellinghoff, Former FERC Chairman

“Andres Carvallo and John Cooper in The Advanced Smart Grid: Edge Power Driving Sustainability share a unique ability to identify and frame the underlying trends, transformative opportunities, and technological advances for smart energy systems.” – Tom Siebel, CEO

“Andres Carvallo and John Cooper have gotten beyond the hype and blind promise of the Smart Grid to tell us why modernizing our grid is imperative, and the real steps that it will take to build the infrastructure that we need for the 21st century.” – Philip Mezey, Former President & CEO, Itron

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CMG’s Andres Carvallo named One of 10 Best Successful CEOs of 2020 by IndustryEra. IndustryEra is one of the leading global media brands offering technology-based magazines focus on the latest smart technology occurrences in various industry verticals. Click Here For The Entire List. This is Mr. Carvallo’s 36th industry award since 2005 recognizing his contributions, successes and leadership.

angelou logoJune 27, 2016 – AngelouEconomics and CMG unveil new Smart State Index. Read the preset release at Smart State Index Press Release FINAL.

Digital 360 Summit 2021 Highlight Video

Smart Energy & Utilities Panel Video

Smart Cities Panel Video

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Water & Smart Technologies Panel Video

Industrial IoT and Private Networks Panel Video

Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 Panel Video

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Industry & New Business Models Panel Video

Audry Zibelman induction into Digital 360 Summit Hall of Fame Video

CMG Smart Utilities, Smart Cities and Beyond Video

Why CMG?

CMG has built a library of over 500 use cases and 20 frameworks. Each framework delivers the answers to use cases, technologies, vendors, business models, business cases, policy models, and best practices.

CMG’s Team has planned for and successfully deployed and managed over $10 billion+ of technology solutions within 5,000+ projects in the last 20 years.

CMG offers advisory services per month, 1-day workshops for each framework, 2-day workshops for each framework, and customer-defined consulting projects (e.g. virtual CEO, COO, CMO, CTO, Chief Strategy Officer, PMO, Vendor Management Office, and more).

The CMG advantage is world-class advise by former senior executives with 25 years plus of successful experience for 50% less than the Big Old Brands. CMG is Cheaper, Faster and Better!!!

CMG team has developed smart grid roadmaps for multiple utilities in the US, EU, Middle East and South America.

CMG team has developed multiple smart city roadmaps for several fast growing cities across the US and Brazil.

CMG has developed a large number of Go-To-Market and Commercialization Plans for Fortune 1000, medium and small companies.

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