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About Us

CMG is a next generation digital transformation company focus on driving digitalization, decentralization and decarbonization solutions designed, deployed, monitored and optimized via our management and technology consulting, marketing services, software development, platforms and products for:

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Utilities
  • Smart Enterprises
  • Smart Vendors
  • Startups

At CMG, We build the Digitalization, Decentralization, and Decarbonization Strategies and Ecosystems

Smart Cities, smart utilities, and Smart Buildings are interconnected elements that play a vital role in shaping the future of urban living.

The integration of these components is essential for creating sustainable, efficient, and livable environments. Cities can achieve synergies and reap numerous benefits, such as reduced energy consumption, improved resource allocation, enhanced operational efficiency, and increased sustainability.

Why CMG?

We provide world-class strategies, processes, and best practices on how to design, build, run, and optimize all elements of planning and operational execution for cities, utilities and enterprises. For vendors and startups, we offer proven strategies and tactical methods to accelerate product innovation, go-to-market planning and commercialization, and building of ecosystems.

Andres Carvallo - Founder


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Our markets

Smart Cities

The smart cities market is projected to grow from USD 511.6 billion in 2022 to USD 1024.4 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 14.9% during the forecast period. Key City services by CMG include assessment, planning, architecting and design.

Smart Utilities

At CMG, we believe that The Smarter Utility is a new 21st century megatrend that reveals why and how the total digitalization of utilities will deliver a complete new Smart World with virtually unlimited possibilities.

Smart Enterprises

What do building and property owners looking to deploy better Energy, Water, Cloud, Mobility, IoT and Control solutions have in common? They seek CMG and its frameworks for the right answers.

Smart Vendors & Startups

What do Anterix, Aclara, AT&T, Black & Veatch, Cisco, GE, IBM, Daikin, iFactor, Intel, Itron, QinetiQ, Ramp Group, Siemens, Sprint, Tantalus, Veritas, Verizon, Viasat and others have in common? They all seek CMG advice and services.


What is Digitalization?

Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business and economy.

What is Decentralization?

Decentralization is the natural evolution of scientific and technological democratization that moves traditional large systems that historically serviced many affordably from a world of scarcity into mass customized sophisticated distributed solutions at super low prices that create a world of abundance for all.

What is Decarbonization?

Decarbonization is the elimination of CO2 from our man-made energy ecosystem to ensure temperatures that have no negative impact on climate patterns.

Here is one of my gifts to the world

It will solve poverty and allow for nice retirements for each person. Collect the data of each person and allow each to get compensated at the rate of $25 for each 2 gigabytes of data. A normal person would generate around 10 terabytes of data annually or $125,000 as a base salary. If the individual creates and licenses more data than the annual number above, then they make more money. All we need is a personal data marketplace registry for people to tag their data before it goes into the social platforms, etc. #cmg #freedomtosucceed #equalrights

Andres Carvallo - June 3, 2020

News & Case Stories

Fueling Innovation and Collaboration

The Digital 360 Summit 2023, It took place at the Star Park, Texas State University, held from September 26th to September 29th, was a four-day event filled with innovation, inspiration, and insightful discussions. Attendees were treated to a variety of engaging activities, including the Hall of Fame, Startups Showcase, Lab Tour, captivating keynote speeches, and thought-provoking panel discussions.

Texas Solar Innovation

CMG Consulting LLC is diligently working on renewable energy projects, focusing on developing business models, conducting market analysis, performing financial evaluations, and creating development plans for solar farms. With a strong dedication to the advancement of clean energy solutions, CMG is actively contributing to the growth and success of solar power initiatives.

Transforming Cities Through Broadband

Broadband refers to high-speed internet connectivity that allows for the transmission of data at fast speeds. It is a type of internet connection that provides a wide bandwidth, enabling the transfer of large amounts of data concurrently.

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