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Digital 360 Summit is the premier event for senior executives driving industry digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization.

Day 1 – August 18, 2020

7:00 – Shuttle departs from Embassy Suites to Plum Creek Golf Course

8:00-12:30 (270min) – Golf Tournament at PlumCreek Golf Course

12:30-1:30 (60min) – Lunch at PlumCreek Glenn’s Grill (Golfers only)

1:30 – Shuttle departs from Plum Creek Golf Course back to Embassy Suites

1:00-5:00 (240min) – Registration

1:00-5:30 (240min) – Technology Showcase Setup

2:30-4:30 (120min) – Texas State University Tour

2:30 – Shuttle departs from Embassy Suites to Texas State’s Ingram Hall

3:00 – Arrive traffic circle in front of Ingram Hall
Overview of College of Science and Engineering expansion and the new Ingram Hall
3D Printing
Maker Space
Industrial Robotics

3:25 – Walk to RF Mitte Building

3:35 – Tour MBE/Microscopy Centers

3:55 – Tour Construction Management & Concrete Management Research Center

4:10 – Tour of Green Energy Demonstration Project

4:30 – Shuttle departs from RF Mitte Building, meeting on the first-floor loading dock area, and returns to Embassy Suites

2:30 – Shuttle Departs from Embassy Suites to ALERRT Center

3:00 – ALERRT Welcome and Tour

4:30 – Shuttle departs from ALERRT Center back to Embassy Suites

5:30-8:30 (180min) – Welcome Reception at Embassy Suites

6:30-6:40 (10min) – Welcome and Opening Remarks by Andres CarvalloCEO of CMG and Professor/Co-Director of CIEDAR at Texas State

6:40-7:00 (20min) – Diamond Sponsor Keynote

7:00-7:10 (10min) – Gold Sponsor Keynote

7:10-7:30 (20min) – Digital 360 Summit Hall of Fame Award

Jon Wellinghoff – CEO of GridPolicy / Former FERC Chairman & Digital 360 Summit Hall of Famer

Pat Wood III – New Inductee into Digital 360 Summit Hall of Fame

7:30-8:30 (60min) – Network Reception at Technology Showcase

Day 2 – August 19, 2020

8:00-5:00 – Registration

6:30-8:30 (120min) – Breakfast at Embassy Suites

8:30-8:45 (15min) – Break at Technology Showcase

8:45-8:55 (10min) – Welcome and Opening Remarks by Andres CarvalloCEO of CMG and Professor/Co-Director of CIEDAR at Texas State

8:55-9:00 (5min) – Dr. Walt Horton, Chief Research Officer & Associate Vice President for Research & Federal Relations at Texas State University.

9:00-9:30 (30min) – Industry Keynote 1 – Networks

Caroline Chan – VP and GM of 5G Infrastructure at Intel

9:30-10:30 (60min) – Smart Networks Panel
Moderator: Dr. Stan McClellan – TXST
Panel: Caroline Chan – Intel, Jon Vestal – Telstra, Steve Lowe – AT&T, Mar Tarres – Anterix, Liam Quinn – Dell, Jesper Eriksson – NoviFlow

10:30-10:45 (15min) – Break at Technology Showcase

10:45-11:15 (30min) – Industry Keynote 2 – Energy & Utilities

Tony Tewelis – VP of Transmission and Distribution at Arizona Public Service

11:15-12:15 (60min) – Smart Energy Panel
Moderator: Cristiano Monsalves – CMG
Panel: Semih Aslan – TXST, Cengizhan Yenerim – Engie, Greg Flay – Austin Energy, Vivian Bouet – CPS Energy, Phil Nevels – Exelon, Gretchen Reuwer – NBU

12:15-1:00 (45min) – Lunch Break at Technology Showcase

1:00-1:30 (30min) – Industry Keynote 3 – Buildings & Infrastructure

Pat Meagher – VP of Technology at Katerra

1:30-2:30 (60min) – Smart Buildings & Infrastructure Panel
Moderator: Dr. John Schemmel – TXST
Panel: Pat Meagher – Katerra,  TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD

2:30-3:00 (30min) – Industry Keynote 4 – Water & Wastewater

David Collinsworth – CEO of Brazos River Authority

3:00-3:15 (15min) – Break at Technology Showcase

3:15-4:15 (60min) – Smart Water/Wastewater Panel
Moderator: Jim Good – Parkview Advisors
Panel: Keisuke Ikehata – TXST, Brandon Cottrell – JEA, Kevin Patteson – GBRA, Nacy Pappas – NBU Water, Doug Evanson – San Antonio WS, Franco Lucarelli – City of Warren OH, Dave Mackie – Olea Edge Analytics

4:15-4:45 (30min) – Industry Keynote 5 – Innovation

Dr. J. Pete Blair – Executive Director of Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training at Texas State University 

4:45-5:45 (60min) – New Industry Financial Tools
Moderator: Dixon Wright – USB
Panel: Jon Previtali – Wells Fargo, David Crowly – Brich Infrastructure, Nathan Wood – Construction Progression Coalition, Arun Vedhathiri – National Grid, Mike Bond – Euler Hermes, Charlie Fietcher – Blue Planet Funding, Michal Wotjak – Mortenson

5:45-6:15 (30min) – Industry Keynote 6 – Leadership

George Salazar – Human Computing Interfaces Chief Engineer and Leader at NASA

6:15-6:30 (15min) – Closing remarks by Andres Carvallo

6:30-8:30 (120min) – Network Reception at Technology Showcase

8:30-10:30 (180min) – Hospitality Suite – More Networking

Day 3 – August 20, 2020

8:00-5:00 – Registration

6:30-8:30 (120min) – Breakfast at Embassy Suites Hotel Restaurant

8:30-8:45 (15min) – Break at Technology Showcase

8:45-8:55 (10min) – Welcome and Opening Remarks by Andres CarvalloCEO of CMG and Professor/Co-Director of CIEDAR at Texas State

8:55-9:00 (5min) – Steve Frayser, Executive Director of STAR Park and Co-Director of Materials Applications Research Center at Texas State University

9:00-9:30 (30min) – Industry Keynote 7 – Smart Cities

John Butler – IC2 Endowed Fellow, J. Marion West Chair in Constructive Capitalism, and Director of the Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs at The University of Texas at Austin.

9:30-10:30 (60min) – Smart Cities Panel
Moderator: Andres CarvalloCEO of CMG and Professor/Co-Director of CIEDAR at Texas State
Panel: Arun Vedhathari – National Grid, Steve Adler – City of Austin, Errick Thompson – City of Dallas, Helen Ramirez – City of Brownsville, Writ Bease – City of Round Rock, Bert Lumbreras – City of San Marcos

10:30-10:45 (15min) – Break at Technology Showcase

10:45-11:15 (30min) – Industry Keynote 8 – Sensors


11:15-12:15 (60min) – Sensors Panel
Moderator: Dr. Ed Piner – TXST
Panel:QinetiQ, TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD

12:15-1:15 (60min) – Lunch Break at Technology Showcase

1:15-1:45 (30min) – Industry Keynote 9 – BigData/Software

Stefan Wolf, Global VP of Go-To-Market Execution for Utilities at SAP

1:45-2:45 (45min) – BigData/Software Panel
Moderator: David Forfia – Gridwise Architecture Council
Panel: Dr. Ziliang Zong – TXST, Sonny Garg – Uptake, Richard Beeson – OSIsoft, Brad Williams – Oracle, Vinod Tiwari – PowerLedger, TBD – Microsoft

2:45-3:00 (15min) – Break at Technology Showcase

3:00-3:30 (30min) – Industry Keynote 10 – Smart Mobility

Jason JonMichael – Assistant Director of Transportation at City of Austin

3:30-4:30 (60min) – Smart Mobility Panel
Moderator: Bill Marsh – CMG
Panel: Jason JonMichael – City of Austin, Cameron Freberg – Austin Energy, Katie Herbek – Ford, Reid Westwood – Skytran, Robert Langford – Honda, Anh Selissen – TXDOT, Chris King – Siemens

4:30-5:00 (30min) – Industry Keynote – 11 – New Regulations

Jim Steffes – EVP Corporate Affairs at Direct Energy / Centrica

5:00-6:00 (60min) – New Regulations and Business Models Panel
Moderator: Tom Rose – CMG
Jon Wellinghoff – GridPolicy, Jim Steffes – Direct Energy, Bob Helton – Engie, Lamont Hill – Oncor Electric Delivery, Eric Padilla – Vistra Energy, Mason Emnett – Exelon

6:00-6:30 (30min) – Closing Remarks by Andres CarvalloCEO of CMG and Professor/Co-Director of CIEDAR at Texas State

6:30-8:00 (90 min) – Refreshments and Networking at Technology Showcase

8:00-10:00 (120min) – Hospitality Suite – Casual Eats, Drinks and More Networking at Presidential Suite

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Smart Cities video

New Regulations, Financial Tools and Business Models video

Why CMG?

CMG has built a library of over 500 use cases and 20 frameworks. Each framework delivers the answers to use cases, technologies, vendors, business models, business cases, policy models, and best practices.

CMG’s Team has planned for and successfully deployed and managed over $10 billion+ of technology solutions within 5,000+ projects in the last 20 years.

CMG offers advisory services per month, 1-day workshops for each framework, 2-day workshops for each framework, and customer-defined consulting projects (e.g. virtual CEO, COO, CMO, CTO, Chief Strategy Officer, PMO, Vendor Management Office, and more).

The CMG advantage is world-class advise by former senior executives with 25 years plus of successful experience for 50% less than the Big Old Brands. CMG is Cheaper, Faster and Better!!!

CMG team has developed smart grid roadmaps for multiple utilities in the US, EU, Middle East and South America.

CMG team has developed multiple smart city roadmaps for several fast growing cities across the US and Brazil.

CMG has developed a large number of Go-To-Market and Commercialization Plans for Fortune 1000, medium and small companies.

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